July 2016
Atlanta has a wealth of knitting talent.  Who knew that a hot southern town could be an epicenter of so much talent generally associated with colder climates - given that traditional knitting is wool fiber based?

I'd like to focus on one technique that seems to be cropping up everywhere - gradient dyeing.  It seems each month's AKG Show and Tell, someone has a project that uses gradient dyed yarn.  

There are several types.  To understand the concept best, think of it this way, ombre is a form of gradient dyeing.  Its popular with teens to bleach their hair a lighter color, then grow it out.  The effect is two toned hair - the color differential depends on how aggressively the hair was dyed in the first place.  The idea is one color is a derivative of the other.  In my case, my blond highlights are a derivative of my natural mousey brown hair - I just keep doing it every month because I'm too old for ombre (take note, Madonna!). 

I recently took a gradient dyeing course put on by AKG mini workshops.  The teacher, a local wizard, Gale Evans, has a dye studio in her Stone Mountain home.  Her beautiful yarn products are on Etsy as Gale's Art.  We were given six skeins of 50 yards each and two dyes. I chose yellow and blue.

We then made six dye baths of 100% yellow, 80% yellow/20% Blue, 60/40, 40/60, 20/80 and 100% blue.  Each skein was dyed in one of the six baths, yielding what you see below.

When looking at the colors, to my eye, the yellow stood out.  So, in creating a garment with the results, I decided to use it as a highlight.