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    Organize Your Stash

Lois MItchell  shares her expert knitting help

Saturday, June 25

1 - 4 PM

SEFAA Center, 3420 W. Hospital Ave, Suite 103
Chamblee, GA 30341

$20 AKG members, $30 Non-AKG members

Georgia Knitter
Organize Your Stash
Class Description and Homework
Copyright 2016
Lois Mitchell, the past Librarian for the Atlanta Knitting Guild, is sharing her superb organizing abilities with our members. Our first Mini-Workshop of the 2016-2017 is planned for Saturday afternoon, June 25 at the SEFAA Center. Here are some of the questions Lois knows we ask ourselves:
Have you ever purchased a book/pattern/skein of yarn, only to find that you already have that item at home?
Have you seen yarn on sale and remembered that you saw a pattern recently that used that yarn, but can't remember how many skeins or what color? Or for that matter, where was the pattern?
What about those full or almost-full skeins of yarn that no longer have the label on them? I hate to throw them out.
If you want guidance to help you find ways to solve those knitting predicaments, then this is the Mini-workshop for you! Come filled with questions and concerns about your stash, and learn what to do to organize it. Oh, and the other best part? Lois wants you to email her  with questions about your very own stash situation so that she can give you some personalized help using this link Lois!