Sunday, April 12, 2015
1:00 - 4:00 pm at SEFAA 
Making a loop, knitting with part of it, and then tightening it is a peculiar technique that lends itself to some unusual applications.  You can bind off on both ends of the same row to preserve symmetry.  You can also add modules - intarsia, entrelac, or even side-to-side edgings - in a way that is seamless and elegant.  You can add beads in a unique way that is both more secure and prevents them from sliding around.  These are all various applications of Rick Mondragon's sliding loop/modular intarsia technique.
Jolie has explored a wide range of needle arts after learning to cross stitch at age four.  She designs, teaches, and stunt knits in the Atlanta area where she demystifies the obscure.  Unable to hide from nominating committees, she is a past president of both Atlanta Knitting Guild and North Georgia Knitting Guild, and was formerly on the board of Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance, and is currently on the board of Center for Knit and Crochet.  Her published patterns accentuate geometric structure and feature meticulous techniques, many of which she posts on her blog.
Where: SEFAA, 1705 Commerce DR NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Fee: $15 – AKG Members, $25 – Non Members
Homework: Using three different colors of yarn, cast on 30 stitches (10 sequentially in each color) and work 3 columns of stripes 10 stitches wide for about 10 rows.  Bind off the middle block but leave the other two live.  We'll be observing the structure of intarsia by unraveling some of this in class, so feel free to use leftover scrap yarn.
Prerequisites:  Should already have experience with intarsia and entrelac (a swatch from a class is fine).  Knowing how to carry/trap a yarn in Fair Isle knitting is encouraged.  Knowing how to knit backwards is helpful, but not essential.

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Mondragon Loop with Jolie Elder