Saturday, March 7th  1:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Toddler slippers in thick yarn will be your "vehicle" for learning this intuitive new sock architecture.  You'll knit the sole in full first, then keep on knitting in the round to the top of the cuff. The knitting proceed in exactly the same way that the surf gently rises over your feet when you stand in the sand.  You'll have a choice of ways to finish your slippers - plain, bunny, cat, car or "dreadlocks".  You'll receive patterns for four sizes - toddler (plus children's small, medium and large) and suggestions on how to adapt those sizes.

Betty Salpekar has lived in many places in the eastern part of the US and enjoyed a recent three year stint in the Netherlands.  Her explorations in sock knitting earned her two wins in XRX sock contests - the miniature Christmas stockings in "Socks, Socks, SOcks" and the Leopard Spot socks in "Think Outside the Sox".  Further experimentation with the solefull sock architecture developed for the Leopard Spot socks lead to a breakthrough which not only simplified the construction but opened exciting new doors for unique design potential.  Her book about those refinements, "Solefull Socks", was published in 2014.

Experience:  Ability to work in the round using two circular needs or magic loop (you can use dpn's after the cast on and first two rounds of the sole, if you prefer)

Supplies: two ounces of smooth, light colored, worsted weight yarn suitable for a gauge of 5 st per inch (Should be solid or semi-solid in color); needles which will give you 5 st per inch with that yarn, one extra needle - any type or length - same size or smaller than main needles, stitch markers - 2 each of three different colors, plus 2 pin type or locking marker

Homework: Using Judy's Magic Cast On - cast on 19 stitch pairs (19 each on two needle points and knit one stitch of the first round.

Fee:  $15 for AKG members, $20 for non-members
Workshop to be held at the SEFAA Center, 1705 Commerce DR NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 

Sunday, March 1, 2015
1:00 - 4:00 pm at SEFAA 
For most of us, color is 60% of the reason we buy a yarn. Combined with the glorious texture, color inspires us and delights us. Yet many are timid about using it, or lack confidence to use it to make their knitting “sing.” This workshop will address basic color theory, traditional color schemes that will always work, and a fool-proof method to break the tried-and-true rules of color combination.
Rebecca Ewing gives all her clients red briefs. Or blue. Or green or yellow. Combine over 30 years in interior design, her specialty in the psychology of color, 30 years of teaching, and more than 10 years forecasting trends, and you get a color diva who knows how to use it to make you feel good, look good, be good and do good. With randy wit and acute awareness of human foibles, she’ll take you way beyond the rainbow.
Where: SEFAA, 1705 Commerce DR NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Fee: $15 – AKG Members, $20 – Non Members
Supplies: Bring plain paper, color pencils or markers, scissors, glue or tape, and 2-3 yards of different color yarns that you’re willing to cut up and share. You’ll go home with a number of combinations, and the nerve to use them.
Homework: None
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Introduction to Solefull Socks by Betty Salpekar

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Color! Color! Color

Rebecca Ewing