July's Mini-Workshop
Saturday, July 26th 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Have you ever finished a garment and been disappointed with the fit?  Have you washed a sweater and discovered it changed shape or size? In this hands-on workshop, learn about blocking different fibers, choosing methods for blocking your projects, and how blocking affects fit. Professional knitwear designer and knitter Marjorie J McDonald will share her expertise and walk you through blocking your work to achieve better results.
 This workshop will provide an introduction to blocking. Information about fibers and how each of those fibers requires its own temperature and method of blocking will be covered. There will be an opportunity for each participant to block a minimum of 1 piece. There may be time for more pieces depending on the fiber content of the piece being blocked. There is a drying-cooling time for each fiber. Bring all of your pieces and as many as time allows can be done.
Marjorie J McDonald – Knits, sews and makes patterns; taught by her mother and grandmother when about 5 years old to sew and knit, she found her creative outlet. Marjorie first became interested in blocking when a gift of a purchased wool sweater accidentally went into the wrong temperature of water and shrank. Learning about different fibers, how they were impacted by different temperatures, processes and blocking have been useful in her lifetime enjoyment of creating sweaters that fit and the important role that blocking plays in that fit.
Supplies: Swatches of different kinds of yarns you like to use, yarn wrapper for those swatches, steam iron, bottle of water to refill if needed, extension cord, tape measure, sharpie markers (two colors), long straight pins with the large yellow head, sweater that fits you, and at least one sweater piece (any size) you want to block. If you don’t have time to knit one sweater front for yourself, how about knitting a sweater front for a trauma bear? More details will be provided after registration.

Materials Fee: $5 for blocking template supplies payable at the workshop
Workshop to be held at the SEFAA Center, 1705 Commerce DR NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 

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Blocking Basics by Marjorie J McDonald