At each monthly meeting we devote a portion of our time to an educational program. They can be on a wide variety of subjects, but they are always educational and entertaining!


Monthly Meeting Programs

February  11th 2016 Program

AKG Around the World KAL

This month we are leaving Japan behind and heading north to Scandinavia.  So grab your mittens and hats and let's head up to the top of the world.  We will start in Norway and hear about all things knitting and Norwegian, and then venture into Finland for our Rovaniemi pattern.  Our very own Gro Coxe grew up in Norway, so she is extremely qualified to introduce us to Norwegian knitting and since her educational background is in Psychology, our next meeting really will be Fiber THERAPY :-)

Here is what we will be working on:
You should have 50 stitches and be knitting in-the-round (magic loop, traveling loop, two circulars, double-pointed needles - knitter's choice).
The Rovaniemi pattern includes an interesting color work technique for the diagonals that travel to the right.
The color work covers two stitches - using the contrasting color knit two together through the back loop (K2 tog tbl), drop the first of those stitches off of the left hand needle and knit the second stitch (remaining on the left needle) through the back loop (tbl).  TaDa - maneuver complete.
The diagonals traveling to the left are simply knit with the correct color. 
You have one main color that travels around and around the knitting tube, and four butterflies (4 yards each) of contrasting color traveling up the knitting tube (no crossing or weaving as in Fair Isle or intarsia).
The set-up row is only worked once; 6 st main color (mc), 2 st outer zig-zag color, 2 st mc, 2 st inner zig-zag color, 1 st mc, 2 st inner zig-zag color, 2 st mc, 2 st outer zig-zag color, 6 st mc, 25 st mc for the back side of the tube.
Each pattern repeat is 10 rows; six pattern repeats/60 rows should be about nine inches.
Note - please stop and weave in your beginning ends before you get too far up the tube.  To avoid these beginning ends, start with two 8-yard lengths (rather than four 4-yard lengths) of contrasting color and start in the MIDDLE of each length (form each end into a butterfly to avoid tangling).
And, if you really want to jump off into the deep end of the pool, see Jolie's blog post dated January 07, 2015!!!